Tax Accountant Bulgaria

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ViaActive understand the importance of regular tax filings and the complexities surrounding tax legislation in Bulgaria that make it hard to claim all the potential tax reliefs available. We ensure each client receives expert tax advice from a qualified Tax Accountant in Bulgaria with a dedicated and personal approach to ensure maximum tax relief while staying compliant.

Our tax accountants at ViaActive have a strong attention to detail with excellent communication skills, as we need to be able to provide advice and information on complex issues to non-technical people.

We handle taxation requirements so that you can focus on managing your core business. You can trust our Sofia based team of tax accounting experts to guide and support your business operations through the preparation and filing of company and personal tax declarations.

VAT Accountant Bulgaria

Our VAT accountants provide advice to your business on general VAT liabilities, and specifically on the VAT implications of any transactions that you are undertaking. We also deal with management of the VAT compliance cycle, dealing with ad-hoc VAT technical queries and managing the VAT relationship with the Bulgarian VAT authorities.

Corporation Tax Accounting Bulgaria

With our corporation tax services, you will be supported to implement tax strategies and tax planning schemes to ensure you avoid paying any unnecessary charges. We ensure that you can find quick and easy ways to improve your corporate tax bill while staying compliant.

Tax Disputes

ViaActive tax accountants will ensure your rights are respected. Using our specialist tax knowledge and experts we work to improve your chances of winning any disputes.

When you need a tax dispute resolved, you do not want an accountant that speaks in technical jargon. You need an accountant that speaks to you in language you can understand—one who understands your business and gets to the core of the dispute.

We can untangle all the intricacies of tax law as it applies to your tax situation.

As a ViaActive client, though, you will have the benefit of advice that helps you avoid disputes in the first place. We take the time to get acquainted with your business, create a custom tax strategy that can reduce your tax obligation legally.

Tax Investigations

Tax investigation is the most dreading element for a business, as tax authorities hold the power to randomly investigate and visit business premises to inspect tax records. We ensure complete support to our clients throughout such investigations while remaining compliant.

We can deal with the Bulgarian tax authorities directly, taking the pressure off and leaving you to focus on your main priority – your business.  You will have the minimum contact necessary with the authorities while we defend your position and work towards reducing any possible tax penalty and with the aim of obtaining the best possible outcome for you.

Personal Tax Accounting

Our personal tax accountants are qualified accountants and have the expertise to handle your tax strategies, completion and submission of tax returns, detailed reviews of current or pre-tax returns, valuations for tax purposes, minimising penalties while maximising tax reliefs.

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