Company Opening Services Bulgaria

Откриване на фирма

ViaActive takes care of your company formation and registration in Bulgaria, so that you can get straight down to business. Our range of services starting with Company Opening Services Bulgaria will see you through the whole formation process and continue to provide personalised accounting services going forward.

We have a multi-lingual team of that can arrange the whole process for you, dealing with all the legal and accountancy set up on your behalf.

Bulgaria has many different benefits, but pitfalls mean that it can be difficult to navigate the often-complicated legal processes, language barriers and bureaucracy especially if you are a foreign organisation looking to start business in Bulgaria.

Whatever the language, and wherever you are coming from or moving to, we have the tools to make it you company opening a simple and stress-free procedure.

With many years’ experience, you can be confident that ViaActive has the knowledge and range of contacts to make your company formation in Bulgaria run smoothly.

Company Definitions

Company incorporation is the legal process to form a company or corporate entity. A corporation is the legal vehicle that legally separates the company’s assets and its owners.

Corporate governance is ensuring legal compliance and good standing of a company or corporate entity. Compliance with local regulations and laws is critical to avoiding fines or penalties.

Company books are the formal record of a legal entity’s history and constitution and must be regularly updated. Information includes ownership, administration, and corporate governance of the entity.

A Legal Representative is the legal face of a company and is the legal signatory for all company activities. They have the legal responsibility to ensure the good operation and standing of the company.

The fiscal domicile is the legal address of a company. This address is disclosed on public record and is used for all official governmental and legal correspondence.

The Company Start-Up Process in Bulgaria

When you start a business, there are many actions you need to take and systems you need to set up to create the foundation for a successful business. The team at ViaActive can help by:

  • Determining the best business structure.
  • Assisting with the financial analysis in your business plan.
  • Providing advice on the type of accounting software you may need.
  • Providing advice and assistance on opening a business bank account.
  • Making sure your accounting procedures comply with Bulgarian government regulations and requirements.
  • Providing advice on how to track expenses during your daily business activities.
  • Explaining the importance of keeping personal and business expenses separate.
  • Register your business for VAT (if applicable).
  • Arrange Unique Tax Identifier.

Company Formation Benefits in Bulgaria

What are the benefits of forming a company in Bulgaria?

  • Bulgaria has the lowest taxation within the EU, with Corporate Profit Tax at a flat rate of 10%.
  • Bulgaria tax legislation is completely synchronised with EU legislation.
  • The local currency rate has been fixed to the Euro: EUR/BGN = 1.95583.
  • It takes only several days to register a new company in Bulgaria. The minimal start-up capital has been reduced to only €1. International VAT registration takes 10 days.
  • Some of the biggest European banks are represented in Bulgaria.
  • Bulgaria has signed Double Taxation Treaties with 58 countries all over the world.
  • Bulgaria has low-cost, highly trained employees, very affordable rents, and excellent value for real estate.
  • Situated on the main road between Europe and Asia and in the centre of the Balkan Peninsular.

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