Company Accounts and Year End Filing

Dealing with year-end accounting for your limited company can be a headache for any business owner. Unfortunately, the threat of late fees looming means it is important to prepare and complete on time. ViaActive will work for you in line with your business and statutory deadline to ensure that your year-end runs smoothly. From the moment you instruct us, and provide us with your records, we will manage the entire process of Year End Accounting in Bulgaria. If necessary, we will liaise with your previous accountant to arrange a smooth transition from them to us.

We are a qualified team of accountants with up-to-date knowledge of Bulgarian taxation and compliance requirements. Our year end accounts services are tailored specifically to you, your business, and your company’s accounts.

Our year end company accounts service also includes a full review when the accounts are completed, using straightforward language to ensure that you understand the numbers.

If you wish, we can work with you to develop key financial measures for the forthcoming year and help your business to grow in a sustainable way.

Year End Accounting in Bulgaria

We recommend that you subscribe to our entire year-end accounting services package to ensure our experts complete your year-end accounts soon after the accounting year and file them with the Bulgarian Tax Authorities NAP.

Subscribing to entire year accounting means that throughout the year we concentrate on identifying areas where tax efficiency can be improved.

In our year end accountancy service in Bulgaria, we will help you to:

At ViaActive, to perform your year end accounting we will require the following documentation:

  • Income records
  • Bank statements
  • Details of any cheque payments
  • Purchase invoices and receipts
  • Changes to assets (purchased or sold)

Your records must be kept for six years from the end of the last financial year they pertain to.

During the discussion of your year-end accounts, you may want to discuss how you can cut down on your tax bill, manage your cash flow more efficiently or assess if your current accounting software is still aligned with your business needs.

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Why You Should Choose ViaActive To Be Your Year End Accountant In Bulgaria

We are a strong choice to be your accountant in Bulgarian for the following reasons:

  • Our bookkeeping work is completed to a high standard on-time so that you can be sure that the information given is accurate and year end accounts can be delivered promptly.
  • Our accountants are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience of dealing with businesses of different sizes.
  • Our experience in providing monthly accounting means that we have a detailed knowledge of their business.
  • Your data is extremely secure.

Our fees include the essential things required to prepare and file your year-end accounts. There are optional extras you can select to  further benefit your business including in-year meetings, an end of year meeting and tax planning.

Your year-end accounts will typically include:

    • Directors report
    • Balance sheet
    • Profit & loss
    • Explanatory notes

To learn more about our prompt, proactive Year End Accounting in Bulgaria please arrange a consultation.

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