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Bulgarian companies or citizens in their capacity of taxable persons who provide consulting, advertising, expert, engineering and other services by a person established in an EU Member State are obliged to register under Art. 97a of the VAT Act. ViaActive provides comprehensive registration and VAT services in Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria as a member state of the European Union is part of the Information Electronic System for Exchange of VAT Information between EU Member States

VIES (Value Added Tax Information Exchange System). It is an electronic database that processes and stores information from the VIES declarations of traders carrying out intra-Community transactions.

From 01.01.2007 for all VAT registered companies in Bulgaria a VAT identification number is introduced, which is the number of the respective company in the Commercial Register / Bulstat, and “BG” is placed in front of it.

The taxation of goods and services is subject to VAT in the Member State where they are supplied.

In cases where a VAT registered person supplies goods that are transported to another EU Member State and the recipient is a VAT registered person in the territory of the respective Member State, this supply is no longer treated as an export but as an “intra-Community delivery ”.

VAT registration is one-time and can be voluntary or mandatory.

Voluntary registration is done at the request of the trader.

The obligatory registration is performed when the taxable person reaches a taxable annual turnover of BGN 50,000.

In both cases, ViaActive will advise you on the benefits and making the best decision for your business.

What Do VOP and VOD Mean?

ICA (Intra-Community Acquisitions)

ICS (Intra-Community acquisitions) is the acquisition of goods on the territory of the country. VAT on intra-Community transactions is in the country of consumption of the goods, which means that the recipient of the supply charges tax at the standard rate in his Member State.

The recipient of the supply (Bulgarian company), registered for VAT, issues a protocol according to the VAT provisions, the VAT tax is due from the person making the acquisition – the Bulgarian company. This protocol shall be included in the sales and purchase logs.

ICS (Intra-Community Supplies of Goods)

ICS is the supply of property between one Member State of the Union to another.  Delivery of goods dispatched or transported from the territory of one Member State to the territory of another Member State.


VAT services in Sofia, Bulgaria Provided by ViaActive

ViaActive provides full assistance for the preparation of the VAT registration documentation, as well as for the monthly submission of VAT returns.

The preparation and timely submission of VAT declarations and reports are part of our monthly subscription services.

ViaActive VAT Services Sofia – VAT procedures, deadlines and declarations are quite a complex matter, which we deal with perfectly, thanks to our many years of experience and knowledge. Don’t waste unnecessary energy, time and money on fines. Leave the details to us and focus on the prosperity of your business.

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