Revision of Defective Accounts Service

It is important that your accounts are accurate and up to date that’s why we are offering Revision of Defective Accounts in Bulgaria service. Your accounts should be backed up with full and detailed records of all business income and expenditure, such as receipts, invoices and purchase orders, payments in and out, etc.

Following careful record keeping procedures can also help you with tax returns and prevent fraud or theft. Using a good record keeping system with detailed and up-to-date records will help you comply with tax legislation. Keeping good accountancy documentation will help your business to:

Accounting Business Documentation

Below is a list of the business documentation that you need for your business:

  • Purchase Requisitions will be used to generate Purchase Orders and includes key information, such as date of requisition, item required and quantity.
  • Purchase Order which will contain information such as shipment address, item, quantity, and price.
  • Receiving Reports to testify for the receipt of services and items acquired by the company.
  • Sales Invoices for customers for services rendered or goods received.
  • Cash or Card documents that testify to the disbursement of funds by the company.

You should keep all original documents and must keep any which show that tax has been deducted.

Счетоводна документация

Revision of Defective Accounts in Bulgaria Service

There can be circumstances when the directors of a company believe it would be appropriate to revise previously published financial statements or have been encouraged to do so by another party.

Revision of the accounts ensures that accounts are free from material misstatement are available to shareholders and the public record.

It is possible rectify financial statements that have been filed with the Bulgarian Tax Authorities which are incorrect, but this should be done within certain number of days.

The revision can be in any of the following forms depending on what type of error is being revised

  • A supplementary note.
  • A revised directors’ report.
  • Revised financial statements.

The revised Financial Statements or Directors’ Report shall become the company’s statutory Financial Statements or Directors’ Report for the relevant financial year from the date of their approval by the Directors of the company.

Small Business Accountancy Documentation Support

ViaActive is here to support your business and help you move in the right direction. Our business accountancy documentation revision services are designed to ensure that your accounting documentation is correct and up to date.

After revising your accounting documentation, we can provide you with accounting solutions that can help you build stronger financial foundations, save you money and help you become more productive. We can:

Contact Our Qualified Team To Get Your Accounts Professionally Revised and discuss exactly what your business needs.

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