Payroll and Human Resources Services

Whether you employ only a small number of people or a larger workforce, dealing with the payroll and ensuring compliance with employment legislation, and avoiding possible fines, can be a burden on your time. ViaActive offers Payroll Services in Bulgaria that will help improve efficiency of traditionally complex and time-consuming tasks. Using technology, we help streamline your company’s practices, policies, process and manage costs.

Outsourcing administrative human resources tasks can help your business to manage employer-related risks, reduce administrative burdens, maintain information confidentiality, and improve organisational effectiveness.

We provide an individual service for each client and when we meet, we will agree on a fee and schedule based your number of employee numbers and level of services required.

By using ViaActive payroll service, you will be able to ensure pay is made in accordance with the law while allowing you to run your own business.

Our payroll team look after for all types of business in Bulgaria for employees and directors.

Benefits of using the ViaActive Payroll Service in Bulgaria

If you currently manage Payroll in-house, it may, given the increased compliance be appropriate to look at outsourcing your payroll.

Your company can benefit in the following ways in using our Payroll Service:

  • Reduce the need to have train staff in payroll procedures.
  • Free up staff for other work.
  • Provides peace of mind that your payroll is compliant in terms of the latest Bulgarian taxation legislation.
  • Reduce the risks of tax arrears and penalties.
  • Reduce the need to invest in payroll software.
  • Provide improved security of your payroll data.
  • Provide the required reports as required for directors and financial staff.

The ViaActive Payroll Service

ViaActive tailors its payroll service to each individual client. Our payroll experts fully handle the payroll tasks, and you will work with a dedicated specialist that will understand your business thoroughly and continue to support you in identifying improvements in workforce and time management. Our Payroll Service in Bulgaria includes the following services:

  • Customise and set up your payroll system for your business requirements.
  • Calculate taxes and other deductions for employees.
  • Create payslips.
  • Calculate and accrue benefits.
  • Manage payroll journal entries.
  • Administer employee payments.
  • Generate payroll reports.
  • Allows employees to be paid on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly annual basis.
  • Provides electronic or paper reports and payslips.
  • Facilitates online filing with the Bulgarian Tax authorities.
  • Commits to pre-agreed processing timetables.
  • Will help you stay informed about updates to tax deductions, year-end documentation, and compliance standards.
  • Maintain and update payroll changes.
  • Develop payroll reports.
  • Manage reward/benefit schemes.
  • Provides support to clarify and explain any questions.

Outsourcing Administrative Human Resources Services in Bulgaria

As well as payroll services, ViaActive can provide the following human resources services to your business:

Update systems for hiring, contracting, and leaving employees.

Provide support answer employment questions.

Generate customized management reports.

Perform timekeeping administration including management of hours worked.

Review of labour and social security procedures.

Monitor ongoing payments to outsourced services.

Manage due diligence of labour liabilities.

Process and report expense claims from employees.

Administer sick, vacation and maternity leave.

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