Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Bulgarian Accounting

There are many benefits of having an active company in Bulgaria. A professional accountant in Sofia, Bulgaria such as Via Active can help you if you have any further questions

  • As a member of the European Union Bulgaria makes use of all the economic, political, legal, labour, environmental and consumer benefits of the union.
  • The tахеѕ іn Вulgаrіа аrе аmоngst the lоwеѕt іn thе ЕU whісh mаkеѕ іt оnе оf thе mоѕt favoured соuntrіеѕ for business.

In this article, ViaActive, a leading accountant in Sofia, have summarised some of the most frequent questions that we get asked about our accounting services in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Limited Liability Company with multiple shareholders (OOD)

An alternative of LLC is a single-member Limited Liability business formation (ЕООД).

Joint-Stock Company: Either sole-owned (EAD) or with multiple shareholders (AD). This option is suitable for large companies that want to start a business in Bulgaria.

General Partnership is a type of company established by two or more persons who want to manage efficient business transactions under a shred registered trade name. The trade name should contain the family name of one or more of the partners or the trade names of their existing companies.

Limited Partnership type of business formation can be established by two or more persons who want to manage efficient business transactions under a shred registered trade name. A Limited Partnership is founded based on a partnership contract.

Every foreign investor has the same rights as the citizens of the country.

The company’s registration certificate among other important documents is required to open a bank account.

No, but your presence in the country at the time of registration of the company is advisable as the procedure is easier.

A residence permit for Bulgaria, a European Union citizen identity card and international passport

Your financial year commences on January 1st and ends on December 31st.

VAT returns must be submitted and paid up to the 14th day of the month for the incomes and expenses during the preceding month

Yes, if there are no restrictions listed in the Articles of Association of the current company.

Professional Accountant Sofia, Bulgaria

ViaActive are an accountant in Sofia who are experts in providing accountancy services for companies with international activities and more complex set ups. Our main clients are in the field of small and medium business.

Our long-term practice allows us to perform a full range of accounting services and company registration.

ViaActive Accounting Services services include:

– General accounting services

– Payroll services

– Liquidation / Closing of a company

– Creation of annual financial statements (Annual financial report)

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