How Can Your Accountant Save You Money?

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No one likes spending hard-earned money on needless services but investing in a professional accountancy firm in Sofia such as ViaActive can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of your business.

In this article, we look at the multiple ways that ViaActive can save your company money in Sofia, Bulgaria by drawing on our years of experience and use of technology.

Start as You Mean to Go On

Often new businesses attempt to cut corners when they launch to save money, but this often backfires with more costs than savings.

  • Pre-launch stage: As you develop your business, we can help to create the financial section of your business plan and advise you on whether to buy or lease equipment, how to price your products and services, etc.
  • Start-up stage: We can set up your accounting system and choose the right type of accounting software for your needs to get you on the right footing.

Maximise your Tax Deductions

Unless you are an accountant, there is no way that you will be able to keep up with the latest tax rules. You may be able to lodge a correct tax return, but will you be able to maximise your tax deductions?

With their expert knowledge on a range of tax planning options, the tax accountants at ViaActive can help you make the most of each tax year and advise on the most tax-efficient plan your business.

Help you Avoid Penalties and Mistakes

If you lodge incorrect tax returns, you may be penalised by a fine and made you pay back tax owed from past years. Using the ViaActive accountancy firm in Sofia you will be able to rest easy with the knowledge that your tax returns will be lodged correctly in Bulgaria.

Save You Time

Business owners knows how important time is be and your accountant at ViaActive can save your business money by saving you time.

By taking responsibility for your bookkeeping and keeping on top of tax deadlines, we will help to free up your schedule so that you will have more time to invest in client relationships and the work in your business.

Cash Flow and Financial Forecasting

We will keep a close eye on your cash position so that you will have the opportunity to sort out any issues in good time. We can help in reducing your expenditure, removing unnecessary costs, and negotiating better deals with your suppliers.

Growing your Business

From identifying your most valuable clients to monitoring your growth and setting realistic targets, ViaActive can support your business growth in a timely and sensible way.

External Insights

By hiring an ViaActive, you can gain an insight into your business planning from an experienced professional with knowledge of the industry.

Forecasting and Financial Modelling

By projecting these numbers forward we will give you a clearer view of the path ahead and enable you to better plan which is invaluable in the challenging economic times that we all face at present.

Better Management Reporting and Information

We provide detailed management accounts, including a summary of the key changes within the financial period. This information helps you to save money, make sound decisions and keep the revenues flowing into your business.

Selling your Business

We can advise on the best way to maximize the value of your business if selling it is part of your business plan.

English-speaking accountants and bookkeepers in Sofia, Bulgaria

Finding the right English-speaking accountant in Sofia, Bulgaria not always that easy. The most accounting websites are mainly in Bulgarian and as a foreign resident or company it is hard to decide which accounting firms will have English-speaking employees.

Besides that, it is also hard to determine the quality of these accounting firms. In this article we will tell you more about how foreign businesses or expats can find the perfect English-speaking accountant or bookkeeper in Sofia, Bulgaria.

ViaActive acts for clients all over Bulgaria and for non-residents based in many countries across the world. We can provide services for all your accountant and tax needs. We can also refer you to an accomplished professional for specialist legal advice.

Services of English Speaking Account in Sofia, Bulgaria

The services that we provide will more than compensate for our charges.


At ViaActive, we are more than qualified accountants. As experienced, entrepreneurial-minded professionals we know what it takes to grow a business and will anticipate your needs. We offer business expansion, one step ahead.

Everything in one place

Everything you need, all in one place. We offer an extensive range of services, with everything from registering a company to opening a bank account to personal tax advice. Why deal with multiple firms when we can deal with all your accounting and other needs all in one place?

If you need expert help with accounts payable and receivables reporting our Bulgarian chartered accountants are here to submit monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to the authorities, and also to represent you before the Bulgarian Tax Office.

Our professionals will provide you with relevant information on tax changes, as well as giving you a customized business report as you request.

Tax Advice in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian tax system is complicated and English speaking tax advisors at ViaActive can take care of your taxes. We can prepare your tax declaration and deduct expenses or if you want to start a business in Bulgaria, we will take care of the business registration and verify all your finances.

Things to look out for with and English Speaking Accountant in Bulgaria

Bilingual Accountant in Bulgaria

Our bilingual service is what allows us to successfully serve clients beyond the scope of most Bulgarian Accounting firms. Our Bulgarian accountants speak excellent English to provide seamless communication with clients here in Bulgaria across the world.

Then you can focus on your own profession while we look after your accounts and taxes.

Good chemistry

You need to feel comfortable talking about intimate stuff and you should feel good when sitting in the same room with then. Do you want someone conservative or modern? A young practice or an older one? Man or woman?

Excellent communication

A good accountant in Sofia should have excellent communication skills and be reachable quickly. You want someone on the phone to be there to reassure you and answer questions.

How much work should you take over from me?

This is about making clear if you want full assistance on daily tasks or simply occasional help, or anything in between.

Who is my contact person?

In bigger practices, the person you meet is not always the person that will answer you calls, make sure you define who is your preferred contact person. It is important to have a good feeling about the person.

How much does an English-speaking tax consultant in Sofia cost?

Please refer to our online calculator to get a better idea.

Always ask what fees you should expect and do not hesitate to question fees if they go the original offer. In any case, they must justify why they bill you the way they do.

Is the first meeting with an accountant in Sofia free?

In most cases, the first meeting is just to get to know each other and to talk about generic things like your situation, how they can help you. In this case, there was no consulting done, so no fees should be charged.

If you discussed in technical things right away, using their expertise and getting answers, you might be charged for that. Always ask first if you are unsure.

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